Is Samira Ahmed Jassim A Disciple Of Sorat Or Iblis?

Real life evil parallels a main theme in Hearne's political thriller "Hulagu’s Web," that much of the horror, destruction and mayhem of the contemporary world are explained by the endeavors of Sorat

by James Burns
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Late January 2009 a woman name Samira Ahmed Jassim was arrested, accused of recruiting more than 80 women to become suicide bombers in Iraq. As author David Hearne wrote in his book, "Hulagu's Web—The Presidential Pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge," ‘Evil must exist as some entity that fills the atmosphere with venomous seduction. An energy that can possess a person just as love can seize our being. These suicide bombers were the new permutation of evil where man gives himself as a weapon to kill other humans.'

Iraqi insurgents have long been accused of recruiting both vulnerable women and children to become suicide bombers. In the Koran there is an evil entity called Iblis who resides in a universe parallel to our world and is thought to have the ability to interact in both realms and inhabit those with darken souls. Samira Ahmed Jassim, nicknamed "Umm al-Mumineen, was accused of trolling neighborhoods for troubled souls to convert into deadly weapons.

This real life evil parallels a main theme in Hearne's political thriller "Hulagu's Web," that much of the horror, destruction and mayhem that happens in the contemporary world are explained by the endeavors of Sorat, Lucifer's terrifying accomplice. Rudolf Steiner's "Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest", describes an army of humans deprived of their ego, which would subject mankind to trials that would pale to all horrors of the century. He speaks of evil entities that some call Abaddon and others Sorat. And if you are a believer in oddities, Revelation 9:11 references Abaddon the destroyer and coincidently the same numbers 9:11 represent the infamous day of destruction that issued in a new era in America.

Umm al-Mumineen was reported as being a part of an insidious plot, which included rapes of targeted victims and then using her matronly charisma to convince the shamed women that reclaiming their honor could only be accomplished by being a suicide bomber.

Samira Ahmed Jassim, appears to be the epitome of what "Hulagu's Web" heroine, Senator Katherine Laforge spoke of when she talked of the Deity of darkness named Sorat. If she was right, then these suicide bombers were the embodiment of the type of carnage that this destroyer of mankind desires. Sorat a malignant fallen spirit desires to strip humans of their souls, egos and all goodness, which makes horrible acts virtually impossible to eradicate because people would become unable to recognize their actions as evil.

Author David Hearne's imagery of war also speaks of the evil of a Sorat or of the Koran's Iblis as in this excerpt from Hulagu's Web, "She had come to realize that war was a nightmare kingdom deep in the darkest forest of man's insanity. Katherine had experienced the smell of cordite, blood and the stench of rotting flesh riding upon God's scorching breeze. Here was a land where trees and grass shriveled and died from man's evil, leaving withered trunks with gnarled branches veiled in gray mist. A dominion whose streams became rivulets of slime, feces and blood winding through a netherworld that stretches out its tentacles to all of humanity. This was Katherine's awakening that war is the collision of our world with another that moves in dark shadows."

In Iraq, raped woman are often shunned by their family and community, leaving them as society's outcasts. This isolation from those who once were part of their life is the catalyst to their victimization by those who prey on the weak. Samira Ahmed Jassim was a terrorist version of an extreme Bioethicist pruning these broken branches from the tree of life.
In Hulagu's Web, Senator Katherine Laforge believed that, "Evil was like the air we breathe, an entity that surrounds us waiting for a chance to invade our consciousness and then spread like a cancer. She saw evil as a darkness that invades our souls, when we are weak or have lost empathy for others. Once it has entered our being, it thrashes about in our mind taunting us to do its bidding."

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