"I did not know it then, but this brisk wintry dawn would herald in the final leg of a journey that had started innocently many years ago. Today I would experience life's madness as the paths I had traveled converged cataclysmically with those of others in life's vast web."

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The Geneses of Kathrine Laforge's persidential pursuit
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As the Chief squinted through the swirling snow, the large bus emerged from the gloom of that dark January morning. It sat quietly on the wrong side of Route 12 stalled in the snow bank. The steam from its' cooling engine merged with the falling snow to cloud the dark night even more. The tires on the exit side were shredded and the large bus rested on its rims causing it to lean precariously towards the road.

Little beams of light streamed out of the bullet holes on the exit side of the bus spotlighting the flakes of falling snow and the eerie deserted road. Its' still blazing headlights illuminated the snowdrifts and a bloody body shrouded in a thin layer of the glistening white. As Chief Richardson moved closer to the bus he could hear moans coming from inside and smell the acrid odor of cordite. On the cold steps of the bus his flashlight revealed a frozen patch of red slush and little red icicles that had formed from the blood dripping down the steps.