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On August 2, 1923 Warren G. Harding died. His Vice President, Calvin Coolidge was at the Coolidge family home in the rural town of Plymouth, Vermont. Upon being awakened with the news of the the Presidents death, the new President was immediately sworn into office. After a pause, Coolidge exclaimed " Guess we better have a drink", and along with his wife, father, and a few others went across the street to Miss Cilley's Store where they toasted the austere occasion with Moxie.

Charlestown New Hampshire
Maps and information on the real town of Charlestown New Hampshire.

Fort # 4 at Charlestown New Hampshire
This reconstructed fortified village from the (1744-1760) era represents a rich encounter with the past through "experiential" education where trained, costumed guides invite you to touch and use authentically reproduced objects and settings. The Fort is a "hands on" museum offering total access to its staff and facilities and the stories they convey. It is located on the shore of the Connecticut River, one mile from Interstate 91, and near Charlestown, New Hampshire