We are not actively seeking investors for our book or current writing endeavors, but we welcome talking to anyone having ideas for a strategic alliance that fits into the subject, truths or essence of our book.

We are interested in building relationships with companies or organizations that share the views that Hulaguís Web espouses.

These would include the following:
  • Companies that are striving to create an energy self-reliant America.
  • Women organizations that believe a woman could be president of the United States.
  • Organizations that support a National Sales Tax.
  • Groups that understand and reject terrorism as a way to make political or social change.
  • Organizations that support our military men and women who sacrifice their life so others have the freedom to denounce them.
This is not a complete list of the types of organizations, companies and groups we seek to associate with but it is representative.

Please feel free to write or call us at anytime about your ideas or views on joint ventures or how we both can help each other.

If you are a true business angel, that finds our book or approach to publishing interesting and have personal business experience in writing, publishing, or promoting literary work, we would love to talk to you.

Thank You,

David Hearne