"Predict the Conclusion" Contest
Win $1,000

 Could you use $1000.00? If you are the first individual to predict the correct conclusion of "Hulaguís Web - The presidential pursuit of Katherine Laforge" from the pre-release of the bookís first 5 chapters, you could be a thousand dollars richer.

On October 15, 2004 the first 5 chapters of the book will be available from the official "Hulaguís Web" site www.hulagusweb.com and from many other sites supporting the contest and promotion of the thrilling story of "Hulaguís Web".

To win the contest you simply need to:
Read the first 5 chapters from the pre-release eBook of "Hulaguís Web - The presidential pursuit of Katherine Laforge". You can also listen to those chapters on the exciting Audiobook of the first 5 chapters. 

Mail your detailed suspicions of how the book concludes to PO Box 8008, Lumberton, TX 77657.  Your entry must be postmarked before the complete book, audiobook or ebook is officially on sale. 
Wait till July 4th 2005 for the announcement of the winning conclusion. 
The earliest correct explanation, with the earliest postmark, will be the BIG WINNER! 
Each person submitting an entry will receive a $5.00 coupon redeemable from the official Hulaguís Web site towards your purchase of the audio book or paperback book release of the novel. The coupon is also good for $2.00 off of the complete Ebook release of the Novel when downloaded off of the Hulaguís Web official site "www.hulagusweb.com"

No individuals associated in anyway with the production or release of "Hulaguís Web" are eligible to participate in the "Predict the Conclusion" contest.

Remember, the earliest postmarked correct entry before the entire novel is released will be the BIG WINNER!


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