Poetry Contest
For the book
Hulagu’s Web – The presidential pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge

Subterfuge Publishing will award 3 prizes totaling $500.00 to some lucky poets in the coming months. Anyone can enter this competition by simply submitting an original poem, in any style with a theme based on the story of Hulagu's Web - The presidential pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge.

To learn more about “Hulagu’s Web” simply download and read the first five chapters of the book, this will give you sufficient information needed to create the appropriate poem.

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Submission deadline is March 15, 2005

Contest winners will be notified on April 1 2005

The poetry should demonstrate poetic excellence, be inspiring, and relative to the theme of the subjects covered in the novel “Hulagu’s Web”

The work must be original.

In submitting an entry you are certifying that the submitted poem is your original work and that all rights to the poem belong to you. You are entering this poem as an honest and true effort of your personal creativity and unique artistic vision, and you understand that it will be published on the Internet as your original work and under your own copyright by Subterfuge Publishing. By submitting an entry you understand and authorize Subterfuge Publishing and www.hulagusweb.com to post your entry for perpetuity on their various websites and include them in their publications. All poets retain copyright and all other publication rights to their work. We place no restrictions on the entrants to publish or sell their work elsewhere as long as it does not restrict the use of your poetry on Subterfuge Publishing or Hulagusweb.com.

The monetary prizes are:
1st place $350 honorarium
2nd place $100 honorarium
3rd place $50 honorarium

Prizes will be awarded in person (when possible) or sent by first class postal mail. Payments are made by check. Winners need not attend the award ceremony in order to receive their prizes.

If your poem is selected as one of the three winners, we will need a brief (50 word) biographical statement from you.

If you have any customer service questions, please contact our editorial offices at:
Subterfuge Publishing
10450 Cooks Lake Rd
Lumberton, Tx 77657
Phone (800) 635-9048


The Journey Poem
by Paige Dancy

The name was Hulagu, a mission indeed.
One of great sacrifice, and one of great need.
A woman who started a journey no doubt,
and where does it end, no one has yet figured out.
Kat was her name, and she held her head high,
and stood on her beliefs that may have caused her to die.
Her mind was so strong on the issues today,
From the war in Iraq, to a National Sales Tax.
We must fight and believe in our great U.S.A,
Will you jump on aboard and follow me along the way?

She went on along, running strong all the way,
Then all of a sudden, things started to decay.
Disaster and tragedy were suddenly a part,
and all of Kat's friends couldn't believe with their hearts.
What they were saying, what slander was spread,
was all of this true, was Kat really dead?

Join me on this journey of mystery and intrigue,
Follow the web, and see where it leads.
You surely will get hooked as we travel about, on a clandestine trip, that you can't figure out!

Milady Katherine
by Cloe Gatto

Who attacked Katherine on that cold winters day?
Was it all just because of what they now say?
She was too brash and her ideas were wrong,
And people who she offended, had said all along,
That her days were numbered, if she didn’t sing their song.

Now her ideas, as wrong as they were,
Seem to be just what we need, don’t you concur?
Is Senator Laforge your type of lady,
Or do you like politicians, who are really just shady.
From all that I see, and all that she be,
senator Katherine is definitely milady.