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Eleanor Roosevelt once said: "It is certain that women do not want a woman for President. Nor would they have the slightest confidence in her ability to fulfill the functions of that office."

Was Eleanor Roosevelt correct, or do you believe that women do possess the experience, common sense and fortitude to hold the office of the president of the United States.

What is it and how do you enter? 
Write an essay of preferably 1000 words or less describing your views and arguments about why a woman like “Senator Katherine Laforge” our heroine in Hulagu’s Web, would or would not make a good president of the United States. Express your ideas about the plausibility of the dreams held by so many young girls of becoming the president of the United States. Is this a reasonable aspiration for a young girl or simply an impossible fantasy for our daughters?

Write your beliefs about the prospects of a woman being elected as president in the near future. Do you feel society holds Neanderthal views on the political capabilities of a woman? Does the constant portrayal of men as presidents in books and movies plus the nonstop media focus on male candidates perpetuate the stereotype that the presidency is an office only for men? Express your ideas on why a woman like Senator Katherine Laforge would make a good president for the United States. Read the first five free chapters of “Hulagu’s Web – The presidential pursuit of Senator Katherine Laforge” and her campaign issue page on hulagusweb.com to better understand her views as a presidential candidate.

Wining entries will be published on Hulagusweb.com website and on various other web sites. The winners will be announced on July 4, 2005.

First place winner will be awarded $250.

Second-place entries will be awarded $150.

Third-place entries will be awarded $100.

Who Can Enter? 
The contest is open to all. Entries will be judged on their overall creativity and readability. 

Submit your essay by July 1, 2005

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