Saddam Hussein

The President of Iraq

Saddam Hussein is the president of Iraq who Senator Katherine Laforge attempts to secretly meet during a clandestine visit to Iraq. Hussein the iron fisted, charismatic leader who grew up in Auja, a poor village of mud-brick home northwest of Baghdad was inspired at an early age by his uncle to enter into the world of politics. His uncle Khayrallah Tulfah was an Iraqi army officer and crusader for Arab unity. Saddam started his political career when he was 19 and three years later participated in the attempted assassination of the Iraq’s Prime Minister Abudul Karim Kassim. He was shot in the leg during this botched assassination attempt and he fled Iraq and hid in Syria and Egypt for the next few years. A little over a decade of murders and political turmoil Saddam became the Baath party president of Iraq. He still held that position as our story begins.