David’s most important previous work was a 500 page book called “Enable Command Performance”. This was an exhaustive and comprehensive reference to the Enable Procedural language. The book was authored by David Hearne and Randy Leigh in 1990 and published by Key Publications. ISBN 0-937141-04-6 . It was not a thrilling novel but it was scintillating reading for the Dilbert crowd.

David wrote the January 1995 “PC’s 20th Anniversary” article for Computer Currents. It was a chronicle of the emergence of the personal computer and the beginning of Microsoft. It discussed MITS, Altair and the exciting beginning of how a small group of engineers opened the door to computing as we know it now.

David’s article based on his interview of Ted Wait the founder of Gateway 2000 Computers became the January 1992 cover story for Midnight Engineering magazine. It covered how and why Mr. Waitt started and grew this competitive computer manufacturing company to compete successfully against IBM, Apple and Dell. Midnight Engineering is published in Fort Collins, Colorado by William Gates.

The April 1992 Midnight Engineering magazine cover story about “Heidi Roizen and T/Maker” evolved from David Hearne’s exclusive interview with Heidi Roizen one of the present directors of Mobius Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. The 1992 article covered her inspiring life as an innovator and leader of the technology world. Midnight Engineering is a magazine published by William Gates.

In 1989 – 1990 David was a contributing writer on programming concepts for the Znews published by Ariel Publishing in Pateros, Washington.

In 1994 and 1995 David wrote many articles for the Tech Connected magazine published by Gentry Johnson in Austin, Texas.

David was also a contributing writer for the “Inside Enable” Newsletter published by Compumax, Inc. located in Westminster, Colorado.

David has written many other articles for magazines and News Letters. He has also served highly published author Yvonne Johnson as her technical reader and advisor for her chapter on SQL in her Osborne McGraw-Hill book “Enable the Complete Reference” ISBN 0-07-881810-9

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