Besides being able to enjoy his time with his wonderful wife and daughter, David loves to read books on many subjects. David is interested in politics and current events, as is obvious from his current book “Hulagu’s Web”.

He is also an avid aficionado of modern day science and is awed by the tremendous inventions and discoveries that scientist are constantly making.

Books by writers like the late physicist Richard P. Feynman who explains in layman terms many of the mysteries of physics are favorites of David.

Books by Kip S. Thorne and Stephen Hawkins who help demonstrate the magnitude of our universe and humble us by showing us our minuscule place within the vast universe of a hundred billion galaxies each populated by a hundred billion stars.

One of the things that interest David the most is how we have evolved as humans:

“ Our universe is about 15 billion years old. Humans appeared perhaps 500,000 years ago, which is about (1/30,000) of the time the universe has existed. Our developing cultures and religions have been around for less than (1/1,500,000) or known time. We may be the most intelligent life form on our planet, but the majority of us still are challenged to channel that intelligence into anything good for mankind. We still kill one another, sometimes for greed but more often to satiate some god we have grown to fear and want to placate with the slaughter of those we have been told he dislikes.

All gods seem to have had that need sometime in their history to have their followers kill those who do not worship or love them. Over the last few centuries most religions have abandoned their beliefs of killing in the name of their God and the world has become a happier and safer places to live. But even after these thousand of years of evolving, we are still crawling out of our ancestral caves and trying to learn to use our intellect for good and to see beyond the views of the tribes and villages our social umbilical cords are stilled attached to.

Books about good and evil are at the top of my list of interesting books to read. Books like “Terror in the Name of God” by Jessica Stern, “The Lucifer Principle” By Howard Bloom and "Where God Lives in the Human Brain" by Carol Rausch Albright and James B. Ashbrook are books that make you question what man can do to define universal good and universal evil that people of all cultures can agree to and abide by.”

I am sure that in my lifetime nothing noticeable will change regarding this problem of war, Gods who promote killing and evil used to sway the more timid. I hope however that just planting a seed of doubt in the minds of those who read my book about the directions mankind is going, might help propagate memes that spreads across our earth and infects all with a new universal view of good and evil.

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