Management of this website and the direction, promotion and publication of the book Hulagu's Web has been the joint effort of a very few dedicated individuals. The primary driving force behind the endeavor is the author David Hearne who has personally been involved with each phase of bringing the book to fruition. The congested publication route normally taken has being forsaken for a less traveled path to publish and deliver this independently produced literary work.

Subterfuge Publishing has been dedicated in managing much of the technical and promotional issues of bringing the story to the public. A gamble has been made that quality, creativity, information-intensive medium pieces and interaction with the reading public will make this book a success.

We hope that the heroine, Senator Katherine Laforge, the timely subjects of the book, the blur of reality with fantasy and the independent method of publication will excite you and help create the interest needed to make the adventure of Hulagu's Web an experience you will find intriguing and mentally perplexing.

Thank You,

The Management